Ashley Kapic

Private Editor

• I'm here to build a relationship with you, accept critiques, and ease your mind so you know your images are in good hands.

• My turn-around times are faster than the average. Seven days MAX for weddings, and 48 hours MAX for portrait sessions.

• Nearly 5 years of photographing weddings and portraits, I understand just how important timely and consistent edits are.

Why work with me?

Remove the anxiety behind the screen, and free up your time by doing what matters most to you. No more long nights editing until your eyes hurt or your back aches from hunching over your computer.

I specialize in bright, true-to-color images with a hint of contrast.

If your style is similar, or you'd like help finding your style, let's chat to see if we are a good fit.

"Ashley's editing has made my life so much better. She is super fast and my clients are always thrilled when I deliver their galleries way before they expected. I trust her with my images completely, and now enjoy spending more time with my kids! I was hesitant to outsource for years and I'm kicking myself for not doing so sooner."

Hello from Europe! I'm Ashley, a wife, a mom of two beautiful girls, and a wedding and portrait photographer-turned-editor. Two years ago our family moved from New Orleans, Louisiana to Bosnia and Hercegovina (my husband's home country) and we are loving our new laid-back life. 

After photographing portraits and weddings for nearly five years, I have decided to help other photographers in the industry with my fast and reliable editing skills. I have been on both sides of the equation, editing for others, and also have outsourced my own work as well and know just how important consistent images are for my clients. 

Wife, mother, coffee lover

Meet Ashley

private editing

Currently accepting a limited amount of new clients

Details & Pricing

Weddings/Lifestyle/Outdoor portraits:
$0.35 per image (includes straightening, cropping, & color correction to match your style + a handful of my selection of B&W virtual copies)
+ $0.10 per image if shot in auto white balance. 

$0.05 per image sent

Commercial/branding photography: $0.75+ per image

Studio portraits/backdrop editing:
$0.75+ per image

Minimum $25 per catalog sent

Upon requests- batch AI teeth whitening/skin softening- no charge.

24-hour wedding RUSH fee: $200
24-hour session RUSH fee: $50

sending a catalog

How it works

1. Edit anchor images in Lightroom and mark GREEN. Images to be edited will have no color label.

2. Export catalog. When the window appears, name your catalog, and check ONLY the box that reads "Build / Include Smart Previews." Save.

3. Find file and right click to Zip/Compress the folder.

4. Add zipped folder to Google Drive, then right click to share using my email address:

Once I receive your catalog I will edit and send the final catalog back via a google drive folder, along with a invoice. Simply download and open the file to see your edited catalog. Payments can be sent via Venmo or Zelle. 

Thank you!

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I'll be in touch soon.

- Ashley K.