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April 18, 2018

Why do I want to be a wedding photographer?

Why do I want to be a wedding photographer? Well besides the fact that I love a good party, I absolutely adore weddings big and small. It’s a cheerful, emotional, big day and there’s nothing greater than celebrating two people who have decided to become one. Seriously, I cry at EVERY WEDDING. Even if I have no clue who the couple is, I’m going to cry. And if you know me personally, you might be a little bit shocked to have read that I CRY at weddings. LOL

Unfortunately, I never got to have my dream wedding- and that’s okay! My then boyfriend (now husband) was already here in Virginia while I was back home in New Orleans. I was proposed to via TEXT MESSAGE. Not kidding, y’all! We decided to just get married and I that I would move to Virginia with him right after. He got on a plane a few days later, and my grandparents, myself and Dino drove to Mississippi to get married at a courthouse. A classy, celebratory breakfast was then eaten at a local Waffle House. (We didn’t get married in Louisiana because there’s a 3 day wait after you get a license to be able to wed!) I didn’t even cry at my own wedding, but I promise I’ll cry at yours. 😋

These are my ACTUAL iPhone wedding photos. I still want to do a real bridal shoot for myself one day! So even though I have no regrets about my last-minute, quirky courthouse wedding, I DO regret not having professional photos! Don’t make the same mistake I did! Hire a photographer, even if it’s not me, hire one! You will thank me later! 🙂

Do you have a quirky wedding story to tell? Share in the comments and make me laugh! 😂


❤️ Ashley K. 

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