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April 24, 2018

Samantha’s Maternity Session

I first met Samantha when she ordered some cloth diapers from me. Oh wait! Did you know I also have a cloth diaper company? Well now you know! Samantha is a mom to two, with her third on the way!  

We became friends on Facebook and I asked her if I could take her maternity pictures. She excitedly agreed as she’s never had maternity photos done for any of her pregnancies. I couldn’t wait! She ordered two beautiful maternity gowns and then we set up a date. I chose Ft. Monroe because of its versatility of great locations! Beaches, fields, trees, Historic homes- you name it!  

When we arrived at the beach it was COLD. And to top it off, WINDY too! We got a few great images with her and her children before her mom took the kids to get warm. We started off at the beach and then drove under the tunnel to get some photos at other good spots. All in all, it turned out really well! Samantha looked stunning!  

Here are some of my favorite images!  

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