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April 30, 2018

About me…

Hello hello! As you know, I’m Ashley! I wanted to write a blog post a little about myself and my photography journey!

I have been married for 2 years to my AMAZING husband Dino and together we have a 1 year old little girl, Selena! If you haven’t read my blog post about how Dino and I tied the knot, you should! It’s pretty funny! Here’s the link- https://ashleykapicphotography.com/blog/2018/4/18/why-do-i-want-to-be-a-wedding-photographer

 Daddy & Selena ❤️

Daddy & Selena ❤️

Isn’t Selena adorable?! She’s totally silly and very a much a momma’s girl.

Dino serves in the US Navy, which is why we are currently living in Newport News, Virginia. Originally I am from New Orleans, but was raised in Woodstock, Georgia. New Orleans is where most of my family resides and will always be my “home.” We plan to move back next year. 

A few things that I love are girls’ nights with my friends, billiards (9 ball especially!), pho, and my newest hobby- reading!! Before becoming a mother I never valued how wonderful curling up with a good book is! I discovered a lovely local library and I try to visit once a week to pick out a new book. I don’t have any specific genre of books, but feel good, inspirational books are my favorite escape from the stress of everyday life. If you have any good books that fit that description, please leave a comment below!    

We haven’t taken family photos in a while so I totally need to! But here’s my little family portrait from October of last year taken by friend and fellow photographer. (She moved away- so sad!!) 


 Photo by Collyn Elizabeth Photography 

Photo by Collyn Elizabeth Photography 

So my photography journey started last year when my parents surprised me with a Nikon camera for Christmas! I had been asking for my Dad’s old camera since he got a new one.  Originally I just wanted it to take pictures of Selena and my cloth diapers- my other business!



After learning a ton about my camera, and learning how to shoot in manual, I began practicing my new set of skills on some friends. I instantly fell in love with being a photographer. I enjoyed being creative and just having a great time laughing with people. It really is my dream job! Fast forward to now- I bought my dream camera and lens and I’m currently booking families, engagements, weddings, senior portraits, etc. You name it and I’m doing it! I seriously love every second of being a photographer. 

 My very first photo session for my friend!

My very first photo session for my friend!

Recently I found an amazing photography mentor and I’m already learning so much from her. She truly is a blessing in my life and I’m so determined to be an amazing wedding photographer just like her!  

Stay tuned for more of my photography and blog posts! I appreciate everyone supporting me!

❤️Ashley K. 

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