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May 28, 2018

Ava | Family Session

A few months ago when I first started my photography business, I did a session for Marian, her husband, and their baby. It was an Easter session! Marian recently contacted me again asking if I was available for a family session- I’m so glad she did! Her grandparents and sister drove all the way from Texas to meet baby Ava for the time! 

We decided to do the session at Lions Bridge in Newport News. It’s a cute little area with lots of greenery and water.

Her grandparents and sister were all so sweet! It was super hot and humid outside and we were able to get lots of photos! Baby Ava was in such a happy mood and I was able to get tons of great images! Towards the end of the session baby Ava was sweaty, so mom undressed her to cool off. Some of the cutest photos were taken right after!  

*Click on any image to view as a slideshow.

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