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May 29, 2018

Melanie + Alex | Anniversary

Melanie first contacted me a few months ago about an anniversary session for her and her husband. They are a Navy family too, so I was pretty excited to meet them! We kept in touch and I helped her and her husband choose attire for the session, and even had to bump up the time of our session due to a cloudy day! I’m so glad it worked out, even if it was SUPER hot outside!

Melanie and Alex were both so very silly and sweet. She even wore a beautiful butterfly necklace that Alex got for her during one of his deployments. Such a special addition to a one year anniversary photo session.

I love when my clients are just SO easy to talk to- and they were! But that didn’t distract them from being super awesome at posing- SO very natural! You can tell they’ve done this before. Melanie is goofy and had me laughing the entire time! We got some great loving shots AND my favorite silly candid ones too. I seriously love this couple so much and can’t wait to work with them again! 

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