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August 10, 2018

Melissa + Justin | Yorktown Beach Engagement Session

Melissa and Justin signed up to be a part of my engagement portfolio but they weren’t engaged yet. Well when I showed up I admired her beautiful ring (assuming it was a prop!) and it turns out that Justin actually proposed a few weeks before our scheduled session!!! And at a waterfall- HOW AMAZING IS THAT?! So our session was a REAL engagement session! 🙌🏻  

These two were seriously hilarious and I absolutely loved them. I saw that they were both drinking out of Yeti cups and so I asked what they were drinking…😂 You can guess! Definitely my type of people!! 🎉 Justin was so goofy and you’ll even find a great personality picture of him below! Don’t let the pictures fool you though, Melissa was just as hilarious as her fiancé! I loveeee her!!! I’m so happy for Melissa and Justin and I just KNOW their wedding will be a blast! Such a fun couple! 

We decided to do the photos at Yorktown beach for a nice mixture of old homes and beach photos. I even captured my very first silhouette! 😍 The sunset was amazing, almost amazing as Melissa’s GORGEOUS ring! Seriously though….it’s a great ring! Good job Justin!!  

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