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August 17, 2018

Surabhi + Nishant | CNU Engagement session

Surabhi and Nishant were seriously so much fun! We actually had two sessions- one in their traditional Indian attire, and one with regular outfits! I was especially SOOOO excited to photograph their colorful Indian garments. I am such a fan of color. When in the planning phase of our session, Surabhi sent me photos of a bunch of saree choices, I was immediately drawn to the bold hot pink and gold one! I’m so glad we chose that one because it seriously pops! 🙌🏻

Both Surabhi and her fiancé Nishant are from India, but moved here to study for their Masters at ODU! They are getting married in India in December and I just can’t wait to see the images!! It’s seriously my dream to photograph a traditional Indian wedding one day! (Which is typically 3-4 days in celebration!)  

After our super fun and relaxed session at CNU, we decided to do a beach session as well. So a few days later they drove up to meet me at Yorktown beach, where we were met with some ANGRY dark clouds! I was freaking out and totally unprepared as the weather had called for 0% chance of rain all day! However the rain held out for a good half hour and I just went with it! We got great images even with the clouds as dark as night AND the insanely crazy wind. (At one point I thought we were going to get blown away! 😂) The very last image is when it started to rain and I got some pretty neat blurry rain specks on my lens which made an interesting photo! 

Thank you Surabhi and Nishant for trusting me as your photographer! I loved you guys so much and I’m so happy to have met you! I hope you have a perfect wedding!! 

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