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September 5, 2018

Ashley + Jesus | Lions Bridge Bridal Session

Ashley and Jesus scheduled a faux bridal session with me a few weeks ago. They eloped and had a baby and Ashley never had the chance to wear her absolutely stunning dress! I was excited to photograph her in it. She did not disappoint!

She chose Lions Bridge in Newport News. The sun was quickly setting so we managed to get the entire session done in about 25 minutes! They also brought their adorable little baby, Ezra, along and took a cute family picture of them! It’s the last photo! How cute is he?! Jesus actually made her bouquet- a stunning addition to her look. Impressive, am I right?!

I enjoyed their session and they did an excellent job in such a short amount of time! Such a beautiful couple. I included a good amount of black and white photos because they are seriously my FAVE!  

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