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September 15, 2018

Dakotah + Patrick | Engaged

Dakotah reached out and responded to my engagement portfolio Facebook ad a few weeks ago, and actually ended up hiring me for her and Patrick’s wedding next year! YAY! They had a sunflower theme and we talked about possibly doing their engagement session at Windsor Castle Park. Well unfortunately sunflowers don’t last long so we decided on a different location- Sandy Bottom Nature Park! One of my favorite little places!  

This session had me so nervous, because nasty rain was forecasted! She requested a sunset session, but the weather had other plans!! So I asked her to come in the late morning (assuming it would be cloudy). Dakotah lives nearly 3 hours away and they got up EXTRA early to make the drive! When we arrived, the sun was high in the sky, not a cloud in site. Harsh direct sun makes us photographers (especially newbies like me) super nervous! Apparently high noon sun is NO MATCH FOR ASHLEY! 🙌🏻 I freaking amazed myself with my new knowledge of shooting in harsh lighting. I absolutely LOVE their photos and they are totally plastered all over my website! 

I immediately hit it off with Dakotah and Patrick, and I’m so glad they hired me. Patrick (like my husband) serves in the US Navy and is stationed in Norfolk. Dakotah lives in North Carolina, so I totally can sympathize with her about being away from each other most of the time. I just loved their personalities. Sooo down to earth and just EASY to talk to! I didn’t at all feel like I was doing my job, but rather hanging out with close friends!! 

Also to add, LOOK HOW TOTALLY CUTE THEY ARE! Dakotah is absolutely GORGEOUS. I’m so lucky to have such beautiful brides and handsome grooms! Y’all make me look good!! HAHA! My absolute favorite image is where Patrick lifts her up and kisses her! That’s a hard one to get right- but they 100% nailed it!! 😍


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