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September 28, 2018

Audrey + Sam | Engaged

Audrey reached out for engagement portraits a few weeks ago and scheduled her session. But thanks to Hurricane Florence, we had to reschedule, because her and her fiancé Sam had to pack up and head back to their home state of Rhode Island to avoid the hurricane’s path. Luckily everyone was safe and we got them rescheduled for as soon as they got back! Yay!

They chose a beautiful woodsy location- Sandy Bottom Nature Park (one of my favorites if you read my blog regularly!). I helped Audrey (via messaging) to choose her dress and I’m so glad we agreed on her black floral one! It was so pretty and looked amazing on her. Sam looked great too in his dress shirt and jeans! I could tell that they were a little nervous as we began, but they quickly warmed up after hanging out with me and we totally got some amazing engagement portraits for these two. Both Sam and Audrey were incrediblely easy to talk to and sweet.  I just love connecting with my clients and there’s plenty of time to do so when you have to walk 10 minutes to your faveeee location in the park ❤️

I absolutely loved their second outfits that had a nice fall vibe with Sam’s plaid shirt and Audrey’s peep-toe booties. Unfortunately the weather did not have a “nice fall vibe.” Haha it was hot and muggy, and I definitely left their session with like 30 mosquito bites. Remind me to bring bug spray from now on. 😂  

Both Audrey and Sam were so dang adorable together! They are planning a wedding in 2020 in their home state, and I sooo wish I could be a part of their big day! They are so much fun and easy to talk to, and I could just tell that they are in it together for the long haul!!

Congratulations on your engagement, guys!  

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