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September 30, 2018

Abigail + Daniel | In Love

Abigail and Daniel have been together for 8 years and asked to be part of my portfolio sessions a few months ago! After a reschedule due to nasty rain, we opted for a morning session, and I’m so very glad we did! It was a beautiful day and just perfect weather- not too hot! They requested a woodsy location, and after seeing some images from my past sessions, they chose Sandy Bottom Nature Park. This location is extremely popular as you can tell! 😂

Upon meeting them, I just knew we were going to have a blast! They are literally the most easy going and sweet couple. Abigail wore a beautiful white dress that complimented Daniel’s plaid shirt. They even brought a Merry Christmas banner (not pictured lol). Daniel serves in the US Navy and has been going through an ongoing deployment in another country, so they wanted to have a nice photo for their Christmas cards since he is heading back overseas again soon. 

This happily married couple is simply perfect for each other, and obviously so cute! I absolutely adore the images of Daniel nuzzling his beautiful wife! I wish you guys many many more years of happiness, and Abigail you are so brave and strong for holding down the fort while your husband is away! Military wives are so incredibly resilient, and so is your love for each other! 😍

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