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May 13, 2019

Chandler + Nick | A Yorktown Beach Engagement

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas! Instead of relaxing, I’ve been working hard to complete Chandler and Nick’s engagement session! It’s so hard for me to relax when I know there’s work to be done, but I did totally get a chance to eat at my favorite restaurant with my husband and daughter. We also took a little stroll at Yorktown Beach- which is where I photographed Chandler and Nick’s session on Friday.

Chandler was referred to me by another local photographer (since she was booked up!) and I’m SO GRATEFUL! Chandler and I met up at a Starbucks for our initial consult, and she brought her sweet pup, Skyy! I liked her right away- she was so laid back and sweet! We had first chose a date a few weeks ago for this photo session, but of course rain was forecast so we unknowingly chose Mother’s Day as our reschedule date. Well it worked out because rain was ALSO forecast for Mother’s Day and they were available last minute for Friday! YAYYY!

Even though it was pretty hot, both Chandler and Nick did so well for their engagement session and were total naturals in front of the camera! Skyy, the trusty Golden Retriever, was also a champ! She is literally the sweetest dog and she sure loves her mama, so of course I snapped a photo of them! Nick and Chandler are actually getting married in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!! Chandler is a busy law school student so she was kinda last minute booking me, but hey I was available and so happy to do it! They are getting married at the Founder’s Inn in Virginia Beach and I’m so excited to kick off my first wedding of the season with them!!

So definitely check back in a few weeks for their wedding pictures!!!


Congratulations Chandler, Nick, and Skyy!! 🙂

These two are MARRIED now! Click HERE to view their wedding photos!

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