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June 21, 2019

Rachel + Alex | Holiday Inn Oceanfront Wedding

holiday inn Virginia beach wedding

I’ve been so excited to finally share this wedding with you guys! Rachel and Alex hired me what feels like FOREVER ago, and when we first met at their engagement session, I knew that I loved them!! They are the famous couple in my branding video! I absolutely love them together, and if you know them, it’s pretty obvious they are perfect together.

After lots of planning by the organized Rachel, the day had FINALLY come! Her wedding was at the Holiday Inn at the oceanfront in Virginia Beach. It was a GORGEOUS sunny day and I was excited to be there, especially with my favorite second shooter, Makayla!  We arrived and realized the hotel room the girls were getting ready was a pretty tight squeeze, so we were able to take all the details downstairs to the reception room and get started! Once the girls were all ready and gathered downstairs, I took Alex to a nice spot to prepare him for the first look. He was as cool as a cucumber, but I knew how excited he was!

A few minutes later, Rachel came around the corner with Makayla, and the nervous Rachel started to tear up as her groom stood just a few feet away (in the other direction, of course!).  I told her that it was okay to feel all the emotions and to take all the time she needed. She walked up to Alex and when he turned around, they embraced in a long sweet hug. It was perfect!! Rachel looked absolutely stunning!

After a few portraits we grabbed the rest of the bridal party for bridal party portraits! The sun was pretty high in the sky, so finding a location for their photos was indeed tricky! We may have pissed off a lot of bicyclists, but whatever! It was worth it! Her bridesmaids all looked so adorable, and they were cheerful to spend the day celebrating Alex and Rachel.

The ceremony was amazing. Alex is always making people laugh, and of course when he pulled out his vows and read “milk, eggs, butter…oh wait wrong list,” the room burst into laughter! And of course Rachel was amused her her groom’s silliness! His actual vows were so sweet with just the right amount of funny which definitely matched his personality. Watching Rachel’s emotions on her face was so beautiful- you can really tell how much she loves him!

After Alex and Rachel’s sweet first dance, Rachel grabbed the microphone and told her guest that the next dance was for her parents, since her mom barely remembers her own wedding after a family tragedy. They danced and mom was tearing up, as was Rachel…AND ME! Jeeze I was losing it behind the camera! So emotional and just goes to show how selfless Rachel is!

Now the dancing portion of the reception….WAS LIT!!! 🔥 The DJ had everyone dancing all night long and even had the whole crowd doing the moves to Michael Jackson’s Thriller! It was soooo fun! Rachel and Alex danced the night away and I definitely caught so many sneaky kisses! These two are just adorable!

I had such a great time celebrating this special day with two incredible people. I have never met two people who are more perfect for eachother, and I MEAN THAT! Alex and Rachel just totally belong together and I hope that they always choose to love each other!

Congratulations, Rachel and Alex!!!

PS: Funny story!! Rachel actually called me today and what she told me had me laughing SO HARD! ….They weren’t legally married on their wedding day and had NO idea!! They went to file the marriage license and it turns out her family friend (who married them) wasn’t ordained in Virginia! So they had to get OFFICIALLY married today at the courthouse! HAHA! Oh, Virginia…making everything complicated…LOL

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  1. Nancy says:

    Beautiful pictures

  2. Donna Fleming says:

    Most beautiful pictures I’ve seen ever. The photographer took magnificent pictures. Really captured the love Rachel and Alex have for one another.

  3. Donna Fleming says:

    Most beautiful pictures I’ve seen ever. The photographer took magnificent pictures. Really captured the love Rachel and Alex have for one another.