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July 29, 2019

Autumn + Daniel | Yorktown Engagement

engaged couple in a grassy field

Happy Monday, everyone! After an amazing wedding weekend, I’m excited to share Thursday’s Yorktown engagement session featuring Autumn and Daniel! These two were the absolute cutest! They are tying the knot in the Outer Banks (OBX) in October and I am OH SO EXCITED!

When discussing locations for their engagement session, I started off by sending Autumn a few blog posts to help her decide. She quickly fell in love with Yorktown- but how could she not? It’s MY FAVORITE, too! However, since they are having a beach wedding, they wanted to avoid beach photos for the session. I knew a Yorktown engagement session wouldn’t disappoint since it offers SO many options for portraits.

However, my “spots” were compromised.

We showed up to Yorktown and there were cars ans people EVERYWHERE!!! I was so stressed trying to find parking and knew my favorite spots would be absolutely littered with people. Apparently there was some kind of concert event going on (which is weird for a Thursday- it’s usually relatively quiet in Yorktown on weekdays). After 10 minutes of aimlessly driving around, I called Autumn and found where they had parked and got lucky to find a spot close too.

We walked around as I assessed the light and thankfully I had found some great new spots! Autumn and Daniel were super go-with-the-flow and trusted my judgement. From the first second into their session, they were both giggling and making my job super fun and easy!! WHEW! All the frustration from trying to find parking was gone in an instant once Autumn and Daniel were in front of my lens!

I truly love this couple. Daniel and Autumn are so friendly and I enjoyed chatting with them while driving around to different spots. I wish the sun hadn’t set so quickly because I was having such a blast! I can’t wait for their wedding day!

Congratulations, Autumn and Daniel!!

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