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August 23, 2019

Haley + Alex | Rustic Country Wedding

Happy Friday everyone!!

So excited to share Haley and Alex’s little rustic wedding on my blog today! These two ladies are beyond perfect for each other and I’m so glad to have met them!

Back when my little business was just a wee baby, Haley had reached out for some couple’s photos with her then girlfriend, Alex. Upon meeting them I knew I LOVED THEM! Just a few months later Haley messaged me that they had gotten engaged and asked me to be their wedding photographer! I was SO HONORED!

Even though I’ve hung out and photographed this amazing couple 3 times, it’s never enough. Both of them are so happy together and always making each other laugh. It’s like a fairy tale! Alex is super extroverted and always making people smile wherever she goes. And Haley (a self-proclaimed introvert) is just as bubbly and fun! I adore them both so very much.

The wedding Day

Haley, Alex, and their bridal party of ALL GIRLS got ready at their apartment early in the morning. When I arrived I remembered they had cats (I’m allergic) and started sneezing like right away! LOL luckily Alex gave me some Allegra and I was fine! Everyone surprisingly got ready ON TIME- which I though was impossible given the amount of women in one apartment! YAY! Haley put them all in gear, haha!

We then drove up to Gloucester to the VFW hall. when I got there I looked around and panicked while trying to find some portrait spots! The sun was DIRECTLY high in the sky, and all the grass around the venue was spotty and dead! I did manage to find a decent spot for bridal party portraits, thank goodness! But I knew this location wouldn’t be ideal for their just married portraits, so I suggested going to Yorktown after the reception and they happily agreed! YAY!

It was REALLY REALLY hot outside

Because of the heat, after the ceremony I didn’t do family formals right away as I normally would. After some dancing and eating and mingling, I pulled Haley and Alex aside and let them know it was a good time to do those! Everyone was compliant and we got those done quickly before rushing back inside to the air conditioned hall! Following the family portraits, the cake was cut, and OH MY GOSH, Alex and Haley both smashed cake into each others faces! It was HILARIOUS- but I expected no less from these two goofballs!

The food was amazing (Alex’s family made all the yummy food) and the cake made by Haley’s aunt was also SCRUMPTIOUS! I’m not even a cake person but dang it was so good!

After hugging everyone goodbye, Haley and Alex were ready to head out a bit early for their just married portraits. We drove to Yorktown (mind you, still HOT AF outside) and we got to work! They were on cloud nine as newlyweds and still managed to stay in the heat for a good 30 minutes of portrait time. Also- A colonial band walked by playing their instruments, and I snapped a photo of Haley and Alex busting a move! HAHA I LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH! I know I’ve said that a million times but I really really do!

Congratulations, Haley & ALex!!!

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