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September 3, 2019

Abby + David | Belle Isle Engagement

belle isle tall grass richmond

It may be Tuesday, but it’s basically a Monday for all of us who work! So here I am, back at the blog! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend! Me and my husband spent ours with hard labor getting our home ready to be put on the market…NOT FUN. Haha

Meet Abby & David

These two cuties met in Richmond at their apartment complex. David was brave enough to knock on the cute girl’s door, and clearly that moment changed both of their lives forever! Now Abby and David live in Washington DC, and are getting married in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!

I had offered to meet them halfway in Richmond for their engagement session and asked if they were up to Belle Isle for the location. Luckily they happily agreed! On my way there, I put “Belle Isle” in my GPS and it kinda just took me to the main bridge and was like “your destination is on the left.” UMMM OBVIOUSLY! I wasn’t sure where to park so I used my instincts and found a parking entrance. Abby and David met me there, but it wasn’t the entrance that they were familiar with.

We were going to wing it, but upon entering a very RUSTIC and unforgiving pathway, Abby was like NOPE! So we got back into our cars and headed to the location they had been before.


So we get there, park, and begin walking towards the suspension bridge. The heat and sun was unforgiving that day, and all the walking caused my chubby little legs to chafe! LOL. There were tons and tons of other people walking over the suspension bridge so I decided we could use that location for a few portraits on our way out. After the seemingly long hot walk, we arrived to the island where I was met by beautiful tall grass and the shade of the bridge above us. I used that location for a the majority of pictures because it was just SO BEAUTIFUL!

After that we headed towards the river. It was a little crowded and the sun was a-blazin’ so I kept our time there rather short. as the sun got lower we headed back to the bridge in hopes of some photos there. I was able to get a few nice ones between the hoardes of people on the bridge luckily!

Overall, I had a blast with Abby and David. They were both so goofy and comfortable together! I cant wait to shoot their wedding next weekend!! AHH!!

Congratulations, Abby & David!

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