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September 18, 2019

Staci + Chris | A Lakeside Wedding

the wedding to end all weddings!

I’m BEYOND excited to share my favorite wedding yet with the BEST couple!! Staci and Chris have been my homies since their engagement session back in April. They are both so fun and easy-going, literally the ideal bride and groom if you ask me! I had been looking forward to shooting this wedding for quite some time, and it was way better than I could’ve imagined!

after driving about two hours to Powhatan, Virginia to the venue where I was met with a lake, fields of grass, a beautiful gravel road, and the most stunning cabin! I walked inside and was in HEAVEN!! I absolutely love cabins and this one was the prettiest I have ever been in. Staci and her bridesmaids (and Man of Honor!)  were running a bit behind but luckily all the dresses were already there. So my AMAZING second shooter, Ashley (2.0), and I started on some details. When they arrived they were all so accommodating making sure we got the perfect shots!

After Staci got into her beautiful gown, we got ready to head to the ceremony site. Staci quickly stopped everyone and wanted to read them all a beautiful letter explaining how much she loves and appreciates the people she chose to stand by her side. Tears were flowing for them and of course me too!

Here comes the bride

It was pretty misty and cloudy outside but the outdoor wedding was moving forward regardless. Everyone standing in their places and Chris was tearing up just waiting for staci to walk outside. It seemed like forever that we waited, but we all knew sweet Staci was probably shedding a few more tears before her walk down the aisle! Finally she came and she was radiant and full of smiles! The ceremony was short and sweet, but their vows were the best of all, and I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye anywhere. They were pronounced husband and wife and began walking toward the reception before the Pastor realized he forgot the exchange of rings! That was a good laugh, but hey now things are officially official!

After some quick family formals inside, Staci and Chris hopped in my car and we drove to the entrance of the estate. That was the BEST location for beautiful images of the fields and the gravel road that the venue is known for. Even though it was very overcast, the images were POPPINNNN! Staci and Chris were super lovey dovey and excited! I’m literally obsessed with all of their portraits, so excuse me if you see them plastered all over my website in a few days! Haha

The best party EVER.

This reception was the most fun I’ve ever witnessed! Literally everyone was dancing at some point or another. Also, my new wide angle lens that I got to photograph my home, was PERFECT for getting amazing dancing shots! I was thinking about returning it before, but I’m definitely keeping it now. You can see from the photos that the dance floor was LIT. Clearly Staci and Chris have such great friends and family that celebrated with them! ALSO: White tent receptions are amazing for the best pictures and how light bounces! HAHA YESSS. Best reception EVER.

Congratulations, Staci & Chris!!


Vendor shoutout!

Photography: ME, DUH!

Venue: Lakeside at Welsh Estate

Florist: Flowers by Zoie

Coordinator: Nicole, It’s So Fancy Events

Caterer: White House Catering

DJ: Michael English

Dean Ward


Click HERE to see Staci & Chris’s Maymont Park Engagement Session!

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  1. Wendy says:

    Rain or shine, what a gorgeous wedding! Looks like everyone had a great time too!

  2. Katherine says:

    Ohh I love this ring dish, the cute cabin, and basically everything about this wedding. Wonderful job!

  3. Mandy says:

    I love the bright pop of colour of this wedding and how you captured their fun personalities Ashley!!! Absolutely beautiful work! And your reception lighting was on point!!!!