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January 14, 2020

Leonore + Ryan | Apostolic Wedding | Port Arthur, TX

This wedding is a bit different than my usuals, but no less special! Last June I photographed my very first Apostolic wedding and was referred to my newest bride, Leonore! Those of the Apostolic faith are conservative Christians, much like Pentecostals. Although they do not dance or drink at their weddings, be assured, these weddings are still SO MUCH FUN and dear to my heart!!

Leonore and Ryan met through church conferences and eventually started dating long distance. Leonore lived all the way in near Corpus Christi, TX, and Ryan in Port Arthur, TX. Fortunately, a little bit of driving never stopped their love! When I first met with Leonore on FaceTime, I love her right away! She’s insanely funny and very smart (she’s a teacher!). I was really excited when she officially booked with me.

Their wedding took place at Ryan’s church in Port Arthur. My second shooter and I arrived early and scoped out the venue. Yikes! Leonore wasn’t kidding! She warned me it was pretty dark in there. When she arrived, she led us upstairs to the bridal suite, and WOW soooo much white! I got to work shooting her details and some bridal portraits before heading down to photograph all the guys.

The ceremony was so great!

Both Leonore’s and Ryan’s pastors officiated their marriage and it was a breath of fresh air that both gentlemen had quite the sense of humor! (I shoot a lot of stiff Catholic weddings, so that was nice, haha!) Leonore and Ryan are both TALENTED singers and sang to each other at the very beginning of the ceremony. My second shooter giggled when she saw me tearing up! It was so sweet and beautiful! PLUS- these pregnancy hormones are no joke, y’all. 😂

After family formals at the alter, the reception began! All the florals decorating the tables were absolutely stunning!! The food served was delicious, gumbo. potato salad, a HUGE fruit table, and a YUMMY COOKIE TABLE! I may or may not have eaten 5 cookies….LOL! Leonore and Ryan were super busy greeting their guests but I was happy to be able to convince them to step outside for 15 minutes for some portraits! The pastor’s home was right behind the church and in his yard was the most beautiful weeping willow. Following was the bouquet and garter toss before their grand exit.

I had such an amazing time with Leonore and Ryan (and their sweet, sweet family and friends)! I adore being an Apostolic Wedding photographer, too! I’m also so lucky that I’m photographing Ryan’s sister’s Apostolic wedding in March!!

Congratulations, Leonore and Ryan!

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  1. Tracy says:

    Very beautiful picture of the wedding, great memories there