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February 11, 2020

Cassie + Andrew | Gretna & Algiers Engagement Session

Hooray!! I’m so excited to finally share my cousin’s engagement session!

Cassie and I have ALWAYS been close even though we haven’t lived near each other since we were toddlers. But finally!! We actually live close now!!! So of course when she got engaged, I offered to photograph her and her fiance’s wedding and engagement photos.

Cassie and Andrew found each other on Tinder (hehe, sorry if that was a secret!) after both going through some nasty divorces. It seems as if these two were made for each other! Andrew treats my cousin SO good and I’m so happy for them both!

After I photographed Andrew’s surprise proposal, Cassie and I began planning the wedding and engagement session! I told her my vision as far as attire, and she and Andrew went above and beyond! They both looked so sharp. I loveeeed that flowy blush dress Cassie got on Amazon!


So day of, the wind was REALLY kicking. It was pretty aggravating but thank HEAVEN for our cousin Megan who came along to help! She actually did Cassie’s makeup the morning of and came with us to assist. So we started off in Gretna because we love that area of all the gorgeous trees, then headed to Algiers Point.

Algiers was of course just as windy, especially on the levy where I wish we could have spent more time! It even started to sprinkle on us at one point, LOL. But I’m super happy with the images we were able to get despite the windy, gloomy weather. Just as we were leaving, the sun was peeping out and I finally got a few GLOWY portraits of them on the levy! Those are so vibrant and my FAVE!


Congratulations, Cassie & Andrew!



⬇ Congratulate Cassie and Andrew and leave a comment below!! 😊😜

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  1. Rebecca pond says:

    Beautiful pictures of my nephew and his bride! Congratulations! Love always, Nannie

  2. Jack Lorino says:

    All the pictures are very beautiful congratulations to both of you.
    Love Paw

  3. Debbie Judice says:

    Beautiful pics! So happy for you! Congratulations!!
    Wishing you all the Best life has to offer! May you have many years of Love and Happiness!