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October 15, 2020

Personal Branding | Brooke Monaghan a Business Coach

I totally love personal branding sessions.

Brooke, to my surprise, found me on google! She was searching for a personal branding photographer, ready to make a leap in her business. Although I had only one branding session in my blog, it was enough to make her reach out! I’m so grateful she did.

Upon contacting me, I looked up her business and knew right away I could connect with her on a personal level. She’s a no-bullshit business coach, and her writing style definitely spoke to me. I knew I wanted to work with her instantly. We emailed for a few days going over ideas and specifics, and even created a shared Pinterest board for inspiration. I was wayyyy excited.

We decided to shoot first at City Park (my fave place) for some fun outdoor images. It was a gorgeous day and the lighting was perfect. After we headed to her beautiful home. She had mentioned before that she wanted some “working on the couch” photos, because she totally loves to work that way (me too!). Her house was so so so beautiful with the white walls, wood floors, and minimalist style. It couldn’t have been more perfect for her session!

Brooke is seriously a kick-ass chick. I loved working with her, and I love even more that she put on her business hat and encouraged me to make personal branding my thing! She’s incredibly inspiring, and if you have a small business of your own, I HIGHLY recommend signing up for her emails, or subscribing to her podcast, “Breathe, Focus, Repeat.” Every time I get one of her emails, I think “DAMN she just gets it!” Big fan! 😉

Here’s the link to her website (which displays my photos!)  https://www.brooke-monaghan.com/

Thank you for trusting me, Brooke! 


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