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August 27, 2018

Aisha + John | Fort Monroe Engagement Session

Aisha and John are an engaged Navy couple and I’m so glad they reached out for engagement photos! We chose Fort Monroe as the location due to its amazing diversity of portrait locations. Beaches, greenery, history- it seriously has everything! As soon as I met them I told them how much I LOVED their coral outfits. One of my faveee colors! 

We started off our session near some greenery and they were totally just having so much fun. I knew their fun personalities would eventually end up in the water later! After the greenery shots, Aisha requested some photos with the Historic stone tunnels, as she loved the rustic feel. I was a little nervous because the tunnels were so dark!! But I pulled them out into the good lighting and shot towards the tunnel and I am so proud of how well those turned out!

So back to the water prediction…Haha well I was right! They DID get in!! I LOVE WHEN COUPLES ARE WILING TO DRIVE HOME WET FOR AMAZING IMAGES!! And it was soooo perfect how playful they were in the water and I even captured some great photos of them splashing each other! It was HILARIOUS because after that, John totally tackled Aisha all the way into the water! 😂 

I seriously had an AMAZING evening with these two lovebirds and can’t wait to work with them again!  

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